SARAVÁ is a unique eatery that specializes in açaí bowls and superfood smoothies along with other healthy snacks. Modeled after Brazilian “sucos” or juice bars, we offer a fast, delicious and healthy alternative for those who would like a quick breakfast, lunch, “nosh” or dessert which is both guilt free and beneficial for your wellbeing.

At SARAVÁ, we serve only dishes prepared with high quality, organic, whole foods. In keeping with our goal of offering healthy and delectable treats, we use no dairy, no refined sugar and only gluten free ingredients. But, we promise you won’t miss these at all. 


Mon to Sat - 8:30am to 8:30pm
Sunday - 10am to 3pm

Stop by our convenient location in colorful Wilton Manors, the Island City in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and let us treat your taste buds to the exotic flavors of the Amazon!



Several decades ago, Brazilians discovered that the pulp from the small, purple fruit of the Açaí Palm, which grows in the Amazon rainforest, produced a delicious and healthy concoction when frozen and blended. Açaí berries, which taste something like a cross between chocolate and blueberries, are famous for having the richest antioxidant content of any fruit and are one of the favorites of the emerging superfoods. 

Along the sidewalks of Ipanema in Rio, in the coastal beach towns favored by surfers from around the world and throughout Brazil, you will find small establishments serving frozen açaí pulp blended with banana and topped with granola.

This is the basic “açaí bowl”. Surfers took their love of açaí from Brazil to Hawaii where it became wildly popular. Now that popularity is spreading to California and to the rest of the nation. In typical American fashion, once here the concept of açaí bowls began to evolve. Now, you will find açaí pulp blended with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and topped with not only granola but fruits and superfood supplements like cacao nibs and bee pollen and even garnished with local honey. If you have never had the pleasure of dipping a spoon into one of these delectable and healthy concoctions, we are happy to provide you with the opportunity! It’s the perfect meal any time of the day or night.