SARAVÁ was born from the creative combining of the founder’s long time interest in natural health practices, nutrition, an innate desire to nurture others and a love for Brazil, its people, culture, music, food and spirituality. I had my first Açaí at a famous suco shop situated on a picturesque street of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. A close Brazilian friend gently insisted I try the beloved Brazilian confection and it was love at first bite! As I remember walking along the beach that day enjoying my latest culinary obesssion, I am only surprised that it took so long for Açaí to reach the States and for me to materialize what was just a passing thought back then. In any case, Açaí is taking the U.S. by storm and we are happy to do our part to offer it here in Fort Lauderdale complete with all the Brazilian ambiance it deserves. 


We mentioned spirituality above and some of our customers may be wondering about our name and the graphic on the back of our t-shirts.  We have a great interest and respect for all spiritual traditions and wanted to honor this important part of Brazilian culture. In order to do this, we chose a greeting used in the Afro-Brazilian spiritual traditions as the name of our establishment. “Saravá”, pronounced sah-rah-VAH, can be roughly translated as “welcome!” It is most often used when referring to the “orixas” or deities of the spiritual traditions of Condomblé and Umbanda in Brazil. These beautiful, creative and powerful spiritual traditions have greatly influenced Brazil and its culture.  Among the followers of Afro-Brazilian traditions one will find prominent artists, musicians, writers and politicians who have helped to infuse the Brazilian culture with the powerful magic and mystery of these spiritual traditions.  Saravá not only means welcome, but also is a form of blessing and a show of respect. We thought it was a perfect name for our establishment as we want all our customers to feel a warm welcome and our appreciation for their patronage.

As for the graphic on the back of our t-shirt, aside from the obvious connection to the Amazonian rainforest and açaí, you will notice the indian or “caboclo” as they are called in Brazil and another face surrounded by foliage. These figures are two of the “orixas”, pronounced oh-ree-shas, referred to above. These two particular deities are both connected to the Amazon and the rainforest in general. The indian is known as Oxossi the Supreme Hunter who brings justice and the ability to focus on and achieve one’s goals. He also brings abundance and prosperity due to his familiarity with the rainforest and all that it has to offer. The other figure, Ossãe, pronounced oh-sayn, is the powerful and mysterious healer of the rainforest who knows all the magical and medicinal plants and their uses. Açaí is definitely one of his favorite medicinal plants. Together these two companions discover the mysteries of the rainforest and offer their wisdom and magic to the world, making them the perfect patrons for SARAVÁ.